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Ultimate Holiday Cookies with BRP

We can't wait to bake with you to celebrate the holidays!!!

In this experience, Chef Taylor Barbet will show you how to make and decorate the ultimate holiday sugar cookies! In this session, you will be guided through:

- How to make flawless sugar cookie dough and icing
- Proper piping bag holding and flooding
- Learn to decorate different styles, one at a time
- Sample your creations
- Decide who in the group has the best decorating skills, and the best ugly decorating skills!





Chef Taylor will start the class by making the sugar cookie dough with you. Expect to learn why Chef uses gram measurements, and how to use your bakers scale! Once your dough is made, we will cheers with festive eggnog. From here, we will roll out and cut cookies, then put them in the oven to bake. While the cookies are baking, Chef will teach you to make Royal Icing. As the cookies cool, Chef will begin to teach you techniques to decorate your cookies. Then, you’ll test out what you learned! 


Festive Cheers

  • Eggnog

  • Nutmeg or cinnamon

Holiday Sugar Cookies


  • Bakers scale (if you do not have one, follow this link for a converstion chart:

  • Stand up mixer with paddle attachment (or a hand head beater, or wooden spoon)

  • Large bowl

  • Rolling pin (or a can)

  • Plastic wrap

  • Holiday cookie cutters

  • Baking Sheet 

  • Parchement Paper


  • Butter 420g 

  • Icing Sugar 180g

  • Vanilla 20g

  • Egg 1ea 

  • Flour 560g


  1. Cream butter and sugar together. 

  2. Add eggs, with vanilla. 

  3. Add flour, mix until combined. Note: Dough can be wrapped and chilled up to 1 week. 

  4. Roll out to 0.5cm and bake at 325˚F till edges start to turn golden brown. 

  5. Let cool fully before decorating.

Royal Icing


  • Bakers scale  (if you do not have one, follow this link for a converstion chart:

  • Stand up mixer with paddle attachment (or a large bowl and wooden spoon) 

  • Large bowl 

  • Damp paper towel or dishcloth 

  • Piping bags (or plastic zip lock bags) 

  • Cookie decorations (think sprinkles, jujubes, chocolate chips, or anything that tickles your fancy!)

  • Toothpicks


  •  800g icing sugar 

  • 2 tbsp meringue powder (can be substitued for egg whites)

  • 1/3 cup water 

  • Holiday food coloring


  1.  Combine the icing sugar, meringue powder and water until smooth. 

  2. Gradually add water until desired consistency is reached. 

  3. Icing can be coloured with food colouring. 

  4. Keep icing covered with a damp paper towel or dishcloth