The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Our own Certified Cicerone® and culinary expert, Michelle Tham, will teach us how to assemble the ultimate BBQ’d grilled cheese paired with Okanagan Cider.

We are looking forward to having some fun with cider as we cook along with Michelle, together.


• Spanish Onion, medium-thin sliced
• Red Peppers, medium-thin sliced
• Garlic Butter
• BBQ Sauce
• Thick Sliced Bread
• Aged Cheddar Cheese
• Okanagan Cider


1. Place chopped pepper and Spanish onion into a sauce pan on the BBQ side burner

2. Sautee it all in a tablespoon of garlic butter, and when finished let it simmer, along with a quarter cup of your favourite BBQ sauce.

3. While simmering, spread garlic butter on 2 thick-cut pieces of Italian bread. 

4. Place both slices of bread on the grill butter side down. 

5. Put the cheese on either side of the bread while its grilling. 

6. When the bread becomes golden and crisp, use tongs to place the reduced filling onto the bread and put the pieces together.

Take it off the grill and enjoy!