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The Art of Tasting Like a Professional

Stego Holiday Week

Certified Cicerone Michelle Tham will guide participants through the art of tasting beer like a professional. Be prepared to enhance your drinking experience!




Certified Cicerone Michelle Tham will guide participants:

  • How to pour the perfect pint. 

  • How to taste and evaluate the flavours and aroma of beer which involve all the senses – look, smell, taste and touch. 

  • You will come away with a richer appreciation for the flavours and aromas of alcoholic beverages.

Your Pairing will include the tastings of:

  • A European Lager (Stella Artois)

  • A Belgium Witbier (Hoegaarden)

  • An American IPA (Stone IPA)

  • An Irish Stout (Guinness) 

Please have on hand four pint or tall glasses, and make sure your beers are cold and ready to drink.