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Parisian Macarons

In this class you will learn how to make the hardest cookie known to the world: Parisian Macarons (correctly pronounced as “Mack-a-rons.”) Follow along with Chef Taylor as she makes these tiny sandwich cookies that are very delicate and impossibly airy. Impress with these must eat cookies.

In this session, Chef Taylor will guide you through:
- How to mix, fold, and sift
- Techniques for piping
- How to make meringue
- The art of timing your baking.

Recommended tool list and ingredient measurements is available on the Recipe Card (click PDF link below).





1. Preheat oven to 290F, no convection

2. Pour sugar (200g) into the middle of the pot, avoiding the sides. Add enough water to fully cover the bottom of the pot and the sugar. Place lid on pot and turn heat to max.

3. Place egg whites in the mixing bowl with whisk attachment. Whip on medium-high speed till bubbles form then slowly sprinkle (rain) sugar (100g). Turn mixer down to low speed.

4. Test #1: Steam test. Wait for steam before you remove the lid on the pot.

5. Test #2: Bubble test. Using your fork, test the syrups density until thick enough that a bubble can be blown. Once passed, remove from heat immediately.

6. Turn egg whites on high speed and whip till firm and you are able to see the whisk marks.

7. Slowly pour in sugar syrup, aiming the stream between the whisk and side of bowl.

8. Continue to mix until egg whites are firm and shiny. Add food color (no more than 1 tablespoon).

9. Test #3: Meringue Trust Test. With the attachment in, flip the bowl over. Meringue shouldn't fall out.

10. Fold meringue into TPT in two stages if you're working with a smaller bowl, or all at once if bowl is larger. Fold till incorporated. If using extra 15g egg whites for bad weather, add it at this time.

11. Begin macaronage. Continue to mix with spatula, making sure to wipe sides of bowl down to ensure even mixing

12. Test #4: Figure 8 test. Fold mixture onto itself to form a figure 8. Count to 10 seconds, waiting for the line to disappear.

13. Fill piping bag and pipe mixture into small circles on parchment paper. Bang bottoms of tray to remove excess air and bake for 8-12 mins. Macarons are ready when they come fully off of the tray.

14. Let the macaron shells cool down before filling.

Swiss Buttercream:

1. Heat sugar and egg whites over a double boiler until sugar granules are dissolved.

2. Immediately, whip on 3rd speed till hard peaks and cool.

3. Add softened butter, 1 lb at a time.

4. Continually scrape down the bowl.

5. Add salt and vanilla.