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GOI CUON (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, or GỎI CUỐN, is a fresh and healthy recipe, full of veggies, lean meat, and shrimp. In this class, Chef Phil Nguyen teaches you his family recipe complete with peanut dipping sauce.

In this session, Chef Phil will guide you through:

• The basics and flavors of Vietnamese cooking
• How to roll the perfect fresh spring roll in rice paper
• An authentic, creamy, peanut dipping sauce
• How to present the dish.




Spring Rolls

1. In a Pot bring water to a boil, add ¼ cup salt. Cook Vermicelli Noodles

until soft (10 Minutes). Strain and rinse with cold water.

2. Julienne all vegetables and lay them on tray (Mise en place)

3. In a pot bring water to a boil, pour boiling water into a boil.

4. Rehydrate rice paper with hot water bowl, lay flat in a plate.

5. Start assembling and customizing your fresh rolls to preference!

6. Serve with Peanut sauce!

Peanut Sauce

1. Add sesame seed and canola oil in a cold sauce pan.

2. Microplane the garlic.

3. Add the garlic to the cold oil in the sauce pan.

4. Heat the garlic up on slow medium-high heat, making sure the garlic does not burn.

5. Once the garlic is cooked, take off the heat.

6. Add the soy sauce and the water and mix well.

7.  Once combined, add the peanut butter and hoisin and mix well.

8.  Add the peanut sauce to a serving bowl, and top with Sambal Oelek and fresh peanuts.