Chop up vegetables for your next meal or carve into a freshly roasted chicken effortlessly with the Planches Labell 14” x 18” x 1.5” Butcher Block.


Convenient and Spacious Design

With a surface area measuring 14 inches by 18 inches, you’ll have an exceptional amount of space for all your food preparation needs. At 1.5 inches thick, it’ll handle all the tough chopping jobs thrown at it while also making it easy to tuck away in a cupboard when not in use.


The butcher block features a groove around the perimeter of the board that collects excess liquids or juices released after slicing up vegetables or freshly cooked meat. Finger indentations located on either side of the board let you easily and securely lift the butcher block from a flat surface to carry it to the stove or dinner table. This is especially convenient when balancing a heavy roast on top as it eliminates the difficult task of wedging your fingers underneath in order to find a sturdy grasp.


High Quality and Sustainable Hardwood

This eco-friendly Planches Labell butcher block was produced in Eastern Canada from high quality 100% Canadian maple hardwood that’s been either recovered or recycled. Thanks to new developments in wood manufacturing, Planches Labell transforms otherwise discarded materials into elegant and highly functional cutting boards and butcher blocks.


This butcher block has been constructed from the end grains of wood making it incredibly strong and resistant to large nicks and gashes that would appear in other types of cutting boards after prolonged use. The end-grain style also protects your expensive knives by absorbing the blade and therefore keeping them from getting dull.


To keep your Planches Labell butcher block in top condition, always wash with warm water and soap then dry when finished. Mineral oil can be rubbed into the wood as required for maintenance and to keep the block looking like new. All boards are also naturally antibacterial and non-toxic.

Planches Labell 14” x 18” x 1.5” Butcher Block

SKU: L14186


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