Chef Raquel Fox brings us the first Bahamian cookbook to be published in over 30 years, Dining in Paradise, a collection of over 150 authentic island recipes.


"Dining in Paradise really is meant to be a taste of the islands. A lot of people don't realize that Bahamian food is everywhere - from soups to seafood. I wrote the cookbook to bring the food that I grew up with to the rest of the world and really show people how amazing it is. This cookbook encourages eating together and bringing back a culture that we have in common, 'Sunday Dinners'."


Chef Raquel’s recipes explore the intoxication of Bahamian foods, always a centrepiece of enjoyment for family and friends. Good background notes help readers discover the charm of this often under-rated cuisine which features conch, johnny cakes, cassava  and mutton plus a host of other traditional Bahamian specialties.


"Bahamian cuisine is never bland. Our food consists of a variety of fresh tropical fruits, spices, chilies, lime and rum. Seafood is the staple diet and we believe that fresh is best!"

Dining in Paradise



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