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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyr Live?

Hyr Live is an online platform that makes in-home hospitality experiences more convenient, affordable, and accessible. We’re launching in July with high-energy live and on-demand instructor-led classes broadcast direct from our studio in Toronto, Canada. More, Hyr Live members can reserve private 1:1 training and group sessions live-streamed or in-home with their favourite Hyr Live instructors.

How much do classes cost?

Access to all live and on-demand classes is included for just $12.99 per month.

What's included with my membership?

Membership provides access to Hyr Live’s instructors live-streamed and on-demand classes. The classes provide ingredient lists with step-by-step cooking or bartending instructions and a full recording following the live class (Hyr Live’s on-demand library). Membership also unlocks access to exclusive recipes and behind the scenes stories from our instructors, and promo deals from our partners, such as Nella.

Can I try the subscription before committing?

Yes! Please check out website from trial details or connect with our team at

Can I attend any live class regardless of my location?

Absolutely! Our classes are streamed live. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re streaming in from as long as you can make it at the designated time. We always have attendees from all over Canada, the US, and internationally, at our classes.

Can I stream any on-demand class regardless of location?

Same answer as above – absolutely! The on-demand library is there for you to learn on your own terms. Any place, any time.

What is the format of your live classes?

In each class, the hosting instructor teaches attendees how to cook or mix cocktails from a meal or mixology recipe representative of their restaurant. As they’re demoing how to cook each dish, attendees can interact with the instructors by writing in questions. Hyr Live’s moderator will ask the instructor questions whenever the time is right, and/or the questions/comments will be responded to individually. These are high-energy, fun, classes meant to bring hospitality to you!

How will I know what ingredients I will need?

When you sign up for a live class in advance, you will be sent a detailed list of all necessary ingredients, as well as the quantities of each ingredient needed. It’s up to you to decide how and when to get those ingredients. For on-demand classes, the ingredient list is made available via the website.

Can I ask the chef questions directly in a class and/or can other attendees see me?

Attendees write in their questions via the Q&A feature and the moderator helps to filter the questions and asks them to the instructor when the time is right. Attendees cannot see each other on the live stream, as the only cameras that are streaming are the instructors.

How do you select the restaurants you team up with?

We partner with restaurants that are well-established and have garnered critical acclaim and are run by chefs and mixologists that have incredibly impressive resumes. Check out our instructor bio’s for more information on how to choose your favorites!

Where are the classes streamed from?

The classes are live streamed from Market and Co. at Upper Canada Mall.

Do you offer private classes?

Absolutely! If you’d like us to host a class with your favorite instructor just for you and your friends, or your employees/colleagues, we are happy to make it happen! Contact us with the details at, or check out the book a private class page on our website.

Do you offer in-home experiences?

Due to precautious around COVID-19, currently we do not offer an in-home experience. That said, once we are able, we’d love to talk with your about the special occasion you are hosting and how we can bring your favorite restaurant to you. Please contact us at

What is the cancellation policy?

Hyr Live Membership recurs on a monthly basis. Billing occurs at the beginning of the Membership cycle and provides access for one month thereafter. To change or terminate your Membership you can go to your Account settings or contact member support team at

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